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Why reduce toxicants in the home.

First lets establish what a toxicant is.

"A toxicant is a toxic substance introduced into the environment, in other words, a man made artificial chemical." And they are everywhere! These are causing adverse health affects in a shocking number of people. 

The affects and diseases linked with toxicant exposure can be vast, a few are sleep problems, headaches, asthma, eczema, autism, hay-fever, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, infertility and sadly some cancers and neurodegentive diseases. They also have been scientifically proven to interrupt the endocrine system and mess with our hormones. Yikes!

These chemicals go by many hard to pronounce names and many are reduced to there acronym, (think BPA, DDT, PTP, PCB and so on) these hide in many different common household products and furnishings, I'm looking at you rubber duckies! Most of these chemicals haven't even been tested for there human health affects. Did you know that? shocking isn't it! 

And many of these are available at your local store packaged beautifully and probably have catchy T.V jingle, all ready for you to bring into your home.

With all this being said please don't let this make you lose sleep at night, our magnificent bodies do a great job at detoxing a lot of these out of our system, we just need to work on educating ourselves to reduce our exposure so we can lighten the toxic load and not give the chemicals a chance to bioacumalate.

Knowledge is power, and that power is with you.

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