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How I can help you


one that should support your health not harm it. A healthy home sets your family up with a strong immune system and reduces the risk of chronic illness, allergies, hormone imbalances and can be a place to relieve stressors, cleanse and advance your life.


Let me show you how you can reduce your toxic load at home and reduce your symptoms of.

asthma, eczema, allergies, stress and overwhelm, fatigue, headaches, PMS, CF, MCS, sleeplessness and brain fog, fertility struggles, weight issues and many more.


Natural, safe eco-cleaning for home, small businesses and holiday accommodation:


We use our effective cleaning products to clean your space without the harmful chemicals.

Ideal for Air B n b's, yoga studios and other wellness providers as well as residential homes. A service I highly recommend if you have a loved one with sensitivities, allergies or health issues or for those just want some time back but want to keep your loved ones safe.

Book your Reliable, trustworthy and diligent cleaner or make an inquiry here.


Healthy Home Audit

A Healthy home audit with me will help identify areas of potential hazards that could be relating to your family's health concerns now and provide protection for the future. Based on the 25 principles of Building Biology, this is a holistic look at your home and the health impact it may be having.

On my walk through of your home, I will analyze the following.

  • Products (Cleaning, Beauty, & other household)
  • Textiles and Upholstery  
  • Kitchen appliances and a brief pantry review
  • Visual mold inspection
  • Potential water infiltration hot spots.
  • Visual dust inspection
  • Discuss water filtration if needed
  • Humidity 
  • EMFs, electronic and WIFI usage. 
  • Review of sleeping spaces and children's rooms
  • Testing of water, dust and mold is an additional cost and may require additional services from other experts.

At the end of your home audit and consultation I will go away and write up a detailed plan and have it returned to you within 7 days, detailing my findings with actionable steps and helpful advice, non-toxic swaps and long term plans for you work on.

My goal is, to leave you with peace of mind and the confidence to move forward to create a healthy home environment and a unburdened lifestyle and reverse or prevent adverse health concerns. 

To book in a discovery call to see if this offering is right for you, please contact me here.


Holistic Interior Design:

Transform your space into one that nourishes your family, clients or guest, MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. 

Holistic interior design and my personal approach to lifestyle design, goes further than just the appearance and form of a room. I take the concepts a step or two further and design a space for the client that will not only feel right and look incredible but will also promote the physical, mental and spiritual health of the people that live and work within.

When you work with me I will incorporate my knowledge of traditional practices such as basic Feng Shui principles, biophilia and use energetic and crystal healing alongside  modern design practices, color and light therapy, building biology, to name a few. As a part of my philosophy I use sustainable earth friendly practices. I can work with you from the conceptual stage to pre-build or retrofits, wherever your along your journey I can meet you where you are.

Each project will begin with a detailed client evaluation to give an insight into your aesthetic preferences, lifestyles and family needs, your goals and priorities. 

Please reach out if this resonates with you, I am always happy to meet and discuss your needs.*

*In person only available to Nelson Locals. Travel within NZ will be charged. Zoom is offered for discovery calls. 

 Send me a message.

One-on-one coaching and mentoring:

Want to deep dive into the low-tox world but don't know where to begin? Planning to start a family and want to conceive as the healthiest you? Do you have an "unexplained illness" and want to try another approach?.

I can help you.

I will support and guide you through this journey with a detailed assessment of where you are at mind, body and soul, we will establish your goals and priorities, I can then get to work evaluating products, furnishings and nearby environmental factors that may need addressing. Testing of water, mold or a hair follicle test will be an additional charge if I feel that will be beneficial for your investigation.

We will stay connected throughout our journey and have regular calls or in person meetings. I will direct you with a personalized action plan, shopping lists for products to switch out, you will also get my list of documentaries and books I recommend and a free copy of my E-Book, Sacred Sleeping Spaces.

If you would like to find out more please contact me via our contact page.