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Laundry soaker 750g

Twinkle and Bean

This laundry soaker is an environmentally safe cleaner for those tougher laundry needs. Fully biodegradable and leaves no harmful byproducts or residues that can harm the environment or irritate your delicate skin. No optical brighteners, synthetic chemicals or fragrances.

Made simply with baking soda and sodium percarbonate (aka oxygen bleach) this is a power house cleaner that every natural laundry needs.

  • Effective stain remover
  • Works as a deodorizer
  • Great if there are kids in the home
  • Perfect for cloth nappies and cloth menstrual pads
  • Acts as a natural disinfectant on both bacteria and common viruses.
  • Doesn't weaken fabric structures like chlorine bleach
  • Most effective in warm water
  • Can be use as spot treatment as well as a soaker
  • Septic safe, worm systems included
  • No fillers!, just active ingredients.

Simply dissolve 2-3 Tbs in warm water and add to a bucket for soaking or alternatively add to wash cycle to give an extra clean. For a spot cleaner add warm water to make paste, dab on with an old toothbrush, leave overnight. Wash as normal. Line dry.

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