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Dish block | Pink grapefruit

Twinkle and Bean

This block is made with 100% saponified coconut oil making this an highly effective cleaner that lathers like dream. Lightly scented with pure pink grapefruit essential oil, or if you prefer I have some that are unscented.

To use just swish is soap shaker or rub directly onto your dishcloth or brush. Rinse well or hand dry right away to prevent water marks. You only need to use a really small amount so each block will last at least a few month.

  • Cuts grease like magic
  • No harmful resides left behind
  • Kind to our water ways
  • Septic safe
  • Perfect for camping and hiking
  • Can be also use as a laundry bar or for hand washing. See here for details

Ingredients: Purified water, saponified coconut oil, essential oil, love.


Photograpy thanks to Anna Grismik

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