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My story.


I believe our homes are our sanctuary, our place of rest and renewal, somewhere that should uplift you, and be a support for a thriving life full of abundant vitality and wellness. And never be place that could cause harmful effects on you and your family's health and wellbeing. 

Health and wellness has always been a great passion of mine and have spent the last 5 years studying Building Biology and Ecology, Natural health and Nutrition and now I am currently completing a Traditional Herbal Medicine certificate as well as previously completing an Interior Design diploma. 

My journey to a chemical free life started over 12 years ago after my twins were born. They suffered from head-to-toe eczema and my daughter had some scary asthma attacks. After feeling like I wasn’t getting any solutions from our GP I begun to dive deep into the Natural health world and begun to make changes to our home and lifestyle. Once I had changed our laundry products my babies got relief and I began to see the correlation between environmental toxins and our health. 

Then in 2013 I begun to feel terribly unwell, I had regular migraines that affected my vision, my body ached, and I was exhausted yet couldn’t sleep. I had vertigo attacks and my mind was in a fog, I was anxious and didn’t want to leave the house. Life was hard yet no doctor could give me a diagnosis, testing came back “normal”. But I knew the way I felt was anything but normal, tired of not getting answers from well-meaning doctors I took my health into my own hands.  

We had already implemented a mostly natural home but there were still many products around our home that were what I now know to be” green washed”. I became an environmental toxins nerd; I spent my spare time reading research papers, books and watching lectures and documentaries and I was blown away with the connection between our home and adverse health effects. For me making changes to our home that not only reduced our risk for chronic health issues but could also promote health and wellbeing seemed like a no brainer. Over time we reduced many of the toxins in our home and in the food we eat and thankfully my health recovered and I no longer felt like I had been hit by a bus. 

Armed with this knowledge and a heart centered desire to help those who don’t quite fit in the mainstream medical boxes I begun to share my products we were using at home with friends and family then from there Twinkle & Bean was organically born. 

We make products that are Safe, meaning they don’t contain harmful chemicals fragrances or byproducts that could disrupt hormones, triggers asthma or irritate skin conditions. Our ingredients are also marines and eco-friendly. 

Our formulations are kept Simple. We don’t use emulsifiers or any unnecessary ingredients just those that are Effective and work in the way that we need them too. I also work with clients to reduce toxins in their home, work place or accommodation with Cleaning service using our products, holistic Interior design and Healthy Home audits to address issues such as mold, or EMF pollution.  



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