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My 5 top tips to a healthy home environment.

Creating a healthy home environment 

If you have set yourself the new year's goal to live a healthier lifestyle, your home can be an important part of that journey. Reducing your toxic load on your body can benefit you in many ways, weight goals can be easier to achieve, energy levels will improve and overall you will see a change in your health and wellness. 

These are my quick-fire ways you can significantly reduce the irritants and toxins in the home. None of them cost any money and you can implement these tips today.  


This is my number one for a good reason. What makes up a "fragrance" is hundreds of unregulated chemicals, and there is no requirement to inform the consumer of the ingredients. What we do know is these chemical cocktails contain phthalates, (these make the scents stick and last longer). These phthalates can disrupt our hormones, induce miscarriage and cause many other health implications. Switch to products with essential oils listed in the ingredients. 


By simply getting occupants and guests to removed their shoes before entering the home this can reduce the amount of dust in the home by 50%. The particles that gets tracked in by shoes can be everything from soil, feces to insecticides, vehicle exhaust or lead. This is most important if you have an asthma or allergy sufferer in the home or a young child, as they spend most of their time low to the ground therefore they are most susceptible to the allergens and toxins that gets tracked into the home. 

“Infants can ingest up to 10 grams of dust per day”. 


There is more and more evidence that our beloved WIFI is not that great for our bodies, especially the little ones. 

‘Caution until proven safe.” 

Turning the WIFI off at night gives the body a break from the harmful signals that we get beamed through us all-day every-day, I also recommend turning your phone on flight mode at night or not having it in the bedroom. Also, if your child uses a tablet or other device for quiet time, download the movie or game and then switch onto flight mode. 


It is surprising to me how many homes I go into that are shut up and the windows never opened. Personally, it's part of my morning routine to open up all the windows, it's the best fresh air system there is. Real fresh air from the opening a window helps remove odors from the air, regulate humidity and ultimately improves your indoor air quality. Even on rainy days opening a window can increase negative ions in the home. 



“Up to 18kg of dust accumulates every year in a six-room house”. 

 The dust in your home can be the source of many allergens or toxins that effect your health and you may not even be aware of the direct link. Most of the dust in our home is made up of human dander (skin cells) this can create the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, which is a common allergen. I recommend a quality microfiber cloth as they can hold 7x their own weight due the design of many little loops that trap the dust. They are best used damp to avoid sending the dust airborne again. 


I hope this can help you make the steps to reducing your toxic load and creating a healthy home environment. 


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